Not-So-Cyber Monday


Or, is it just a mobile smoothing?

Retailers are reporting that the Black Friday shopping events and the historic Cyber Monday follow up event may be on the decline.  This does not necessarily signal an overall decline in holiday season shopping trends but a shift in the habits and tools utilized by shoppers.  A retail consulting firm is publishing fresh results from the 2014 holiday shopping “opening weekend:”

Online shopping was up almost 20% in Thanksgiving 2014 compared to Thanksgiving 2013, driven by mobile shopping and promotions.
Despite this growth, Thanksgiving – contrary to some predictions – is nowhere near Black Friday or Cyber Monday in terms of online shopping. Revenue on Black Friday 2013 was almost 2.5X higher than Thanksgiving 2014, and revenue on Cyber Monday was three times as high.

Krebs On Security advises to be wary of on-line phantom stores.  He warns that it is not uncommon for bargain basement, phantom Web sites to materialize during the holiday season.

Meanwhile, the cyber event reporting from the weekend so far is that the Syrian Electronic Army “hacked” some pop-up ads for retailers over the Thanksgiving weekend but no consumer account or personally identifiable information was affected – instead of seeing ads, the SEA logo was substituted on Web sites for Forbes, The Chicago Tribune, CNBC, PC World, the NHL and Canadian broadcaster CBC.  It’s believed that the SEA’s route of attack was through the popular commenting platform Gigya.

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